/ˈleɪdi / (say 'laydee)

noun (plural ladies)
1. a woman of good family or social position, or of good breeding, refinement, etc. (correlative of gentleman).
2. (a polite term for any woman): the ladies should go to the left.
3. (upper case)
a. (a less formal substitute, often used conversationally, for the specific title and rank of a countess, marchioness, viscountess or baroness, which title she may hold in her own right, by marriage, or by courtesy.)
b. (the title, prefixed to the given name of daughters of a duke, marquess, or earl.)
c. (the courtesy title of the wife of a knight or a baronet.)
d. (a prefix to a title of honour or respect): Lady Mayoress.
4. (usually upper case)
a. (a prefix to the names of allegorical personages): Lady Luck.
b. (a prefix to the name of a goddess.)
5. a woman: a prominent lady.
6. a wife.
7. a woman who has proprietary rights or authority, as over a manor (correlative of lord).
8. a woman who is the object of chivalrous devotion.
9. being a woman: a lady reporter.
10. Our Lady, the Virgin Mary.
11. the lady of the house, the principal woman in a household (opposed to the man of the house).
{Middle English lavedi, levedi, Old English hlæfdige,? originally meaning loaf-kneader, from hlāf loaf1 + -dige, related to dāh dough. Compare lord}
Usage: The use of lady in phrases like lady reporter or lady doctor is deprecated; lady should either be omitted if gender is irrelevant or replaced by female or woman if not.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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